Initial Thoughts on the Disease Project

I’ve come up with a few possible choices for my disease project topic. There is one clear winner, as I will soon divulge. The choices are:

  1. Familial ALS
  2. Albinism
  3. Hemophilia

ALS is my top choice because it runs in my mother’s family. Don’t freak out, we’re both probably okay since my Mom hasn’t shown any symptoms and she is about to exit the normal age range for diagnosis, but it has happened twice to her immediate family. The bottom line is I want to know more about the biochemistry of the disease, since I already know a decent amount about the macroscopic phenotype. One could say I’m personally invested in the biochemistry of familial ALS. So that’s my top choice, but I’m aware another student did it in recent years so I’m understanding if I need to choose another.

Albinism and hemophilia are my backup choices. I chose them because they both present a striking and somewhat terrifying phenotype, but both are commonly misunderstood. Choosing albinism could enhance my knowledge of epistasis and protein transport pathways in preparation for Genetics next school year. I’m also kind of a history buff, and we all know about the European monarchies’ troubles with hemophilia. I would prefer to research albinism if given a choice between the two, not for any particular reason other than that it seems more interesting. Hopefully one of these three works out later today, and by consequence over the rest of the semester.

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